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Submitted by Matt Tomasino on Fri, 10/07/2015 - 19:30

As children we are told not to shovel our food, close our mouths when we chew and not to take more than we can eat. Commonsense advice to allow us to enter a world of civilized behavior that we can hopefully forge a useful, productive life.

It is our first experience with food that often determines our future as healthy or unhealthy eaters. To practice social or anti-social etiquette. Because food is very similar to our appetite for sex, these childhood lessons can easily merge.

However, unlike food habits, generally speaking sex remains a hushed taboo relegated to high school health class tutorials and groping in the dark experimentation. For those able to survive this right of passage, there are a variety of outcomes each can walk away with.

The View Chooses You
Most follow their upbringing when it comes to their view on sexuality. In essence, the view chooses you. However, some will break the mold and attempt to create their own free thinking of sex which is often described as the ultra liberal view.

The ultra liberal view, in many cases, opens the floodgates to all that is possible when exploring one’s hormonal as well as psychological hunger for sex. This view could be a grand and adventurous journey bringing unbelievable, almost addicting results. When the ultra liberal view is practiced in a healthy way there is the opportunity for one to open their mind beyond social constraints and enter a potential realm for sexual enlightenment.

On the other hand, the ultra liberal view could be the most risky venture especially if all barriers are ignored resulting in a high potential for great heartache, drug and alcohol abuse, physical danger, risky behavior, psychological addiction and, in some cases, incarceration or death.

Food for Thought
If immersed in the ultra liberal view of food and sexuality a whole world of sensual stimulation can be experienced. With little or no inhibitions whatsoever, the ultra liberal enjoys the option to explore how food affects the body when it comes to physical relations as well as using food during sex.

An ultra liberal may rise above such biological nonsense some refer to as “love” and instead investigate how food opens the senses just as sex does. By exploring this, couples can potentially incorporate food and sexuality according to a similar “sense” experience.

For instance, taste is one of the major senses when it comes to food. This too can also be applied to kissing, cunnilingus and fellatio. The taste buds are engorged with blood during sex just as the genitals are, completely heightened for anything that comes their way. Bringing food into the bedroom such as succulent fruits, champagne, edible underwear, and the classics, chocolate, whipped cream and honey, could be a commonality amongst ultra liberals, those open enough to experience deep experimentation.

Risk and Reward
However, food and sexuality in the ultra liberal world could be taken for granted, used in a way that begets great manipulation. This can be seen in such instances as the Bill Cosby scandal where one speculates that he used food and drink to coerce and then drug his victims. Is he an ultra liberal or just a sick individual, probably the latter. But one has to examine the whole situation with considerable care. Yes, the victims were drugged but could it be possible that their ultra liberal view may have gotten them into such a situation in the first place?

The ultra liberal view of food and sexuality may take bedroom antics up a few notches. But it is not a place for the faint of heart or followers of Jesus. It may offer the highest in human experiences, but at what cost?

If mishandled, which is more often the case than not, the ultra liberal path can be devastating, filled with debauchery, degradation and dark roads, unable to be traveled back from.

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Get Smart about Nutrition™