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We all need sustenance on a physical level but fulfilling such a need on a mental level can be tricky. Food has often been considered synonymous with sex as it nourishes a primitive need. Mix the two and some interesting, potential benefits could ensue.

AttitudeSome incorporate food and sex such as using whipped cream, honey, or drizzled chocolate (the top foods used in the bedroom). Add in how certain “sex enhancing foods” look and we understand the specific foods being considered for intimacy.

Our attitude to food and sexuality varies greatly depending on world views such as the religious, cultural and traditional upbringing of each individual. The three dominant world views are: the conservative biblical moral view, the broad minded spiritual view and the ultra liberal view.

It has been proven that choosing to eat certain wrong foods can affect sexual performance. Yet, many people still do it, often in the name of their conservative belief.

On the other hand, a spiritual approach may incorporate food’s aphrodisiac effects while a liberal view might use food as a phallic tool as well as topical enhancement.

Where one stands regarding their affiliation to these views gives a better understanding of how food and sexuality might relate to their life.

Oysters and Figs
Oysters are high in zinc, a major contributor to sexual health; they contain amino acids linked to helping increase libido enhancing hormones like testosterone; and assist in raising dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter that can increase sexual arousal. Some believe oysters resemble female genitalia making them even more desirable as a food for sexuality.

For centuries, figs were assumed to be a sexually enhancing food simply because when fresh figs are cut in two they display a pink, vulva like appearance. It turns out the assumption was right, figs enhance fertility and are believed to assist in releasing pheromones, our natural “attraction scent”.

The Extreme
The benign attempt at using food to increase sexual nutrition is one thing but some people’s attitude to food and sexuality can delve into extreme measures.

According to a report by the Sydney Morning Herald (life & style - 3/31/15),

“In ancient India, young men would eat goat testicles that had been boiled in milk to act as an aphrodisiac. In parts of Asia, fresh snake blood or bat blood is popular, as are deer, tiger penises, shark fins and ground rhinoceros horn,”

Feel Young and Enjoy the Scent
Although sex can be regarded as anything from a tool for procreation to a nonchalant sport-like activity, it invariably makes one feel young. Therefore, if food can enhance the experience why not incorporate it, especially if you are past mid-life.

Some sexually enhancing foods include:

Ginseng - Researchers at the University of Hawaii found that ginseng increases female libido.

Garlic - Rich in the amino acid arginine, a blood flow stimulator.

Almonds - According to the Berman Women’s Wellness Center, in Beverly Hills, almonds contain zinc which helps libido and sexual desire.

Interestingly, simple food aromas can sometimes do the trick for some.

According to early research by Alan Hirsch, MD, of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, it was found that various scents, some from food, lower anxiety and can actually enhance blood flow to genitalia. Some of these aromas include, pumpkin pie, cucumbers and licorice. 

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